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SashiDo monitors all of its critical services both internally and through 3rd party services. If there is a disruption in service, incident notes will be updated here. Subscribing to updates is the best way to stay informed about any issues affecting SashiDo availability.

Below, you’ll find the current status of the SashiDo infrastructure, as well as any recent issues or incidents we may have had.

If you think that something is not working with the service, please get in touch with us by submitting a ticket through or contact our Customer Success team via the LiveChat.

API Operational
Dashboard Operational
Application Platform ? Operational
North America Operational
Europe Operational
Asia Operational
Australia Operational
Creating Applications Operational
Europe ? Operational
North America ? Operational
Builds and Deployments Operational
Push Notifications Operational
Parse Server Integration Service ? Operational
Sending iOS Push Notifications Operational
Sending Android Push Notifications Operational
Updating Statuses in the Dashboard Operational
MongoDB Management Service Operational
Automated Database Backups Service Operational
Let's Encrypt Integration Service Operational
North America Operational
Europe Operational
Asia Operational
Australia Operational
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Operational
Responsive Images Service Operational
Redirector Operational
Images Processing Operational
S3 Management Service ? Operational
North America ? Operational
Europe ? Operational
Asia ? Operational
Australia ? Operational
Third Party Services ? Operational
GitHub ? Operational
AWS route53 Operational
AWS cloudfront Operational
AWS ses-us-east-1 Operational
AWS s3-eu-west-1 Operational
AWS ec2-ap-northeast-1 Operational
AWS s3-ap-northeast-1 Operational
AWS ec2-ap-southeast-2 Operational
AWS s3-ap-southeast-2 Operational
Mandrill Mandrill Global Operational
npm, Inc. Registry Reads Operational
Intercom Intercom APIs Operational
Intercom Web Messenger Operational
Intercom Intercom Web Application Operational
Sentry API Operational
Sentry Dashboard Operational
Sentry Notifications Operational
Statuspage API Operational
Statuspage Third Party Components Operational
Statuspage Public Metrics Operational
Statuspage Hosted Pages Operational
Statuspage Email Notifications Operational
Statuspage Management Portal Operational
Statuspage SMS Notifications Operational
Twilio REST API Operational
Twilio TwiML Operational
Support ? Operational
Degraded Performance
Partial Outage
Major Outage
Standard Tier - Application Platform Availability ?
Premium Tier - Application Platform Availability ?
Avg. Application Build Time ?
Past Incidents
Jun 10, 2023

No incidents reported today.

Jun 9, 2023

No incidents reported.

Jun 8, 2023

No incidents reported.

Jun 7, 2023

No incidents reported.

Jun 6, 2023

No incidents reported.

Jun 5, 2023

No incidents reported.

Jun 4, 2023

No incidents reported.

Jun 3, 2023

No incidents reported.

Jun 2, 2023
Resolved - Good news! Things should be back to normal again across the board. Please let us know if there is any further trouble. Thank you so much for your patience while we worked to sort this out.
Jun 2, 00:55 UTC
Monitoring - We have implemented a fix for this issue and are currently monitoring the results. We will update once we have confirmed it is resolved.
Jun 2, 00:25 UTC
Investigating - We regret to inform you that our North American datacenter is currently experiencing a major outage. We understand the inconvenience this may be causing you, and we want to assure you that our teams are working diligently to resolve the issue and restore services as quickly as possible.
Jun 1, 23:19 UTC
Jun 1, 2023
May 31, 2023
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
May 31, 21:34 UTC
Verifying - We are thoroughly verifying our services to ensure their stability and optimal functionality. In addition, our dedicated team is working diligently to review all aspects of our system and identify any potential issues that may affect your experience.

During this verification phase, we do not anticipate any interruptions in service. However, if you encounter any unexpected issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at They are ready to assist you and provide the necessary guidance.

We understand the importance of delivering a reliable and seamless experience to our users, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, our team monitors the system and promptly addresses any identified issues to enhance performance.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we perform these essential checks. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to providing you an even better service.

May 31, 13:45 UTC
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
May 31, 05:35 UTC
Scheduled - We're performing essential maintenance on our Push Notifications Service to ensure optimal performance and reliability. During this scheduled maintenance, some outages may occur. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience as we work to enhance your notification experience.

During the maintenance period, you may experience the following:

- Delayed or interrupted push notifications
- Temporary unavailability of push notification delivery
- Rest assured, our team is working diligently to minimize any impact on your operations. We understand the critical role push notifications play in keeping your customers informed, and we will make every effort to complete the maintenance as quickly as possible.

We recommend planning your activities accordingly and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Once the maintenance is complete, you can expect a more robust and reliable push notification service.

We appreciate your understanding and ongoing support. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We'll be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to improve our services for you.

May 31, 04:36 UTC
May 30, 2023
Resolved - Issue is resolved and for more than 1 hour there are no reports for unhealthy applications.
May 30, 22:10 UTC
Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.
May 30, 21:40 UTC
Investigating - We're experiencing an increased rate of unhealthy applications. Currently we are looking into the issue.
May 30, 20:36 UTC
May 29, 2023

No incidents reported.

May 28, 2023

No incidents reported.

May 27, 2023

No incidents reported.